Impregnating the Galaxy Ch. 23

Dorian slowly opened his eyes, immediately beset by panic as he realized that he had no idea where he was.

Naked and laying in a bed that he didn't remember getting into, he took in his surroundings. The room looked expensive, with clean steel walls decorated with golden patterns. He nearly jumped out of bed when he realized that he wasn't alone.

Sitting in a padded chair in the corner of the room, a girl fiddled with a datapad. She looked to be in her late teens, with semi pale skin and short white hair. She wore a white jumpsuit.

A wave of relief washed over him as his panic drained from his body. Though he couldn't recall her name he recognized her to be one of his many biological children living inside The Collector's tower. Having so many kids didn't allow Dorian the luxury of getting to know each of them, though he could tell from her white hair that she was a daughter of his concubine Holani.

The girl looked up from her data pad, a smile appearing when she realized that he was awake. "Finally, you're up! The Collector will be very glad to know that you're alright, he wants to meet with you right away."

Dorian rubbed his eyes. "What...happened?"

The girl stood up, walking to the only dresser in the room. "You've been out for two whole days." She replied. "After you entered the portal, a smaller one opened out of nowhere and tossed The Collector out. Then after a few hours, you, Anita, and Aya fell out of another." She explained, before biting her lip and blushing. "You three were..almost naked, and totally drenched in slime.."

He gritted his teeth, the memory of being molested by Zhalla's countless tentacles running through his head. "Aya and Anita are safe, then?"

His daughter nodded in response, before opening the dresser and removing an item. She unfolded it, revealing it to be his black jumpsuit. "Bermil had it repaired, since it was nearly torn in half when you fell out of the portal."

Dorian got out of bed, not bothering to cover himself as he took his jumpsuit from her outstretched hands. He then took a moment to put it on, ignoring his daughter's embarrassed glances at his heavy cock. "Thanks. What was your..uh.."

"My name is Lurin. Don't worry, I know you're busy." The teen replied, sounding genuinely understanding. "Although...I hope you know that it's an honor to finally speak one on one with you, father."

Dorian smiled, placing his hand on her pretty cheek as he leaned down, giving her a gentle kiss on her forehead. "It's an honor to talk to you too, Lurin."

She looked into her father's eyes, enjoying the moment before a realization brought her back to reality. "Oh! And your...uh...'friend' Yasma wanted to speak to you as well, since she's leaving the tower soon. I'll have her meet with you after you've spoken with The Collector."

Dorian noded, his face turning serious. "Take me to him then."


"He's waiting for you." Lurin said as they reached the door to Bermil's office. "Good luck, father!"

Dorian smiled, watching his daughter leave, her bodysuit giving him a view of her perfectly firm ass. He bit his lip, before turning his attention to the door. After knocking, he entered, greeted by Bermil.

"There you are, my boy! I was beginning to wonder if you'd ever wake up!" He joked, patting the younger man on the shoulder.

"Glad to see you're doing well too." He replied, before realizing that The Collector was leaning on a cane. "For the most part..."

"Ah...yes, I didn't have a soft landing when Zhalla threw me through the portal. It's only a broken leg, nothing too serious I assure you."

"I guess we were lucky, all things considered." Dorian replied.

Bermil nodded somberly. "Have you...well, looked at your eyes in a mirror yet?"

Dorian looked at the older man inquisitively, unsure of what he was asking. He then moved to the large window overlooking the lifeless surface of the asteroid, attempting to view his reflection. He held his right eyelids open with his fingers, realizing that his iris had turned silver. He then checked the left eye, confirming that both had changed. "What the hell...?"

"Yes, quite strange. I recall Aya being surprised by your eyes after Zhalla performed the Vaidimation ritual, though I wasn't sure why until you fell out of the portal. It seems that removing your block..or rather, your Vek, has had more effects than we thought. Do you feel any differently?"

Dorian turned back to The Collector. "I feel...stronger. Bermil...when I fought against Zhalla, it felt as if power was surging through my body. I felt...I felt as if I could wield my abilities with more control and stamina than I had ever been able to before. It was overwhelming...and my body eventually gave out."

Bermil folded his arms, deep in thought. "That's concerning, to say the least. If Zhalla was correct about your sperm being compatible to interbreed with her, the resulting child would be quite powerful. Was she able to...well...'collect'?"

Dorian nodded, embarrassed as he remembered the strange tentacled creature forcefully milking his sperm.

"I see..." Bermil replied grimly. "Then I fear we may have endangered countless lives..."

"Why don't we just march an army of mercenaries back through the portal and destroy the child before it can even be born?" Dorian asked, his voice firm. "You certainly have the resources to pay for one."

The Collector shook his head. "After we entered the portal, it short-circuited. We can't activate it again."

"Can't it? Or find Zhalla's planet without it?"

"Unfortunately, it's impossible. The First Empire built their devices in ways we'd never understand, using technology to interact with their souls. I could hire a thousand engineers, and we'd still be just as clueless as we are now. The same applies to locating the planet. I've spent my life searching for it, yet it remains just as lost as it was when I started."

Dorian paced the office. "Then...what? What's the plan?"

"Well, we do the only thing we can do. Wait, and prepare. Due to Zhalla's species being completely unknown to me, I cannot say for certain how long it'll take for the child to be born. It could take mere days, or decades. Not to mention the time that it'll take to reach adulthood. It's possible that it'll launch an invasion tomorrow, or when we've all died of old age. I truly can't say." Bermil explained. "Though either way, preparations have already begun. After scanning the energy signal that the portal released during its activation, I've started to monitor the galaxy for any similar signals. If Zhalla or the child activates another portal, we'll know.

"I hope your expedition was worth it at least." Dorian replied sternly.

" not much has changed, and I don't exactly know what to think of it all."

A thought occurred to Dorian. "Now that the deal is completed, what'll happen to my children here?"

Bermil seemed to be taken off guard, too deep in contemplation to consider the thought. "Hmm? Oh! Don't worry, my boy. As we agreed, they are now free to set off on their own. Any who wish to stay here are very welcome. I've actually grown to be quite fond of their presence, as this tower can get...lonely sometimes, especially now that my treasonous daughter is locked in the dungeon. To be an old man surrounded only by cyborg guards, it's been a nice change to have so many people around. As for your harem, the condition of their purchase requires me to provide them a home, so they will remain in the tower as usual. You are free to continue to use them as you please."

Dorian nodded, satisfied with the older man's answer. "Understood. It's been a pleasure working with you Bermil."

The Collector rested his hand gently on Dorian's shoulder. "Ah, but my boy, our business isn't yet concluded. I promised you that I'd help you get your ship back, and I always keep my promises."


"We've located The Chimera, Dorian." He said, smiling. "Now, I've been informed that your enemies have heavily upgraded it, so it may be quite bigger than you remember, though you could consider that as payment for them selling you into slavery. Either way, we've been tracking them for some time. What do you say, are you ready to take it back?"

A firm expression overtook Dorian's face, as a hint of rage trickled through him. "I'm ready."


As Dorian walked to the tower's landing bay, he took a small detour to speak with Yasma, who was packing up her temporary quarters. The small amount of items that she deemed worthy to take from Shing's fortress could fit into a small sack, yet she made sure that each and every one of them was accounted for.

Dorian knocked on the door, waiting for her to answer. When she did, he saw that her pregnancy had progressed even further. The sight made him aroused, as he knew that the child growing in her absolutely gorgeous exotic body was his.

"Oh good, I was hoping that you'd stop by before you left. I wanted to tell you that Bermil found a place for me to stay, and he's transporting me there tonight. I just wanted to say..." Yasma began, seemingly unable to find the words.

Dorian simply nodded understandingly, not needing her to finish her sentence. They had been through a lot together during the last two years, most of it very negative. "I know, Yasma. I hope you manage to find happiness in life, wherever that is."

She smiled slightly, gently pulling him into a hug. Rather than a romantic embrace, it was one of friends. Though they didn't particularly like each other at the start, the fact remained that she would have never escaped without his help. "I...thank you, Dorian."

He held her gently, holding her sexy body against his for several seconds before separating.

Yasma took his hands in hers, placing them on her pregnant belly. "I..know that our child will never meet you, but I want you to know that I will do everything in my power to ensure that it has a happy and healthy life. I promise."

His arousal was growing, his hands on the babybump of an extremely attractive woman. "You'll be a great mother, Yasma. Our child will be very lucky to have you."

The former pleasure slave smiled, a real and full smile for the first time in many years. "Thank you, Dorian. Thank you for everything." She said, her hands joining his on her belly.


Holding her lover's naked body close to her own nude form, Hehra lightly dragged her fingers over Mihoko's navel, letting their lips press together in a tender kiss.

With heavy desire filled breaths, Mihoko opened her mouth, snaking her tongue into her girlfriend's mouth.

Hehra met Mihoko's tongue with her own, tracing her finger along the outline of her lover's hip as they explored each other's mouths.

Separating the kiss, Mihoko played with Hehra's fiery orange-red hair, looking deep into her bright eyes.

"What? What's on your mind?" Hehra asked, seeing the thoughtful expression on the girl's face.

"Nothing, I..." the black hair girl began, before breaking into a wide smile. "I you..."

"I know." Hehra replied with a content expression.

Mihoko shook her head. "No, I mean it, I truly do. I...there's no one in the galaxy I'd rather be with..." She said, resting her hand on her girlfriend's waist.

"Like I said, I know." She replied, pulling her closer and intertwining their smooth legs. "I feel the same."

"It's just that..we've been through so much together. I know the pregnancy was hard on you, but we made it through." Mihoko said, feeling her lover's soft skin against her own. "It made us...stronger, don't you think?"

Hehra's face flushed red in embarrassed anger at the mention of Mihoko's pregnancy, caused by Dorian's 'interrogation'. Having her lover become pregnant had been the most humiliating period of her entire life, affecting the relationship dramatically. After she freed her from The Peacekeepers fortress, the growing baby bump had served as a constant reminder of her girlfriend's non consensual infidelity, serving to fuel her jealousy and anger. Hehra had forced Mihoko to send the child away as soon as she had given birth. "Baby, don't spoil the mood." She said firmly.

"Sorry, I'm just trying to say that...I truly love you." Mihoko said, giving her girlfriend a gentle kiss on the cheek.

Hehra pressed her leg against Mihoko's hairless pussy. " too." She said, before quickly distracting from her rare show of emotion by reaching over and squeezing Mihoko's firm ass. "And I love this too."

Mihoko laughed, wrapping her arms around her lover and pulling her into a deep kiss as she grinded her crotch against Hehra's thigh, quickly becoming wet.

As they passionately explored each other's gorgeous bodies, their intense make out session was interrupted when Zahara and Zuin barged into the bedroom. "Hehra, we- oh...sorry."

Hehra quickly separated from Mihoko, using her hands to attempt to cover herself. "DAMNIT! What is it!?!"

"Well...we didn't say you guys had to stop..." Zuin teased, putting her hands on her hips. Wearing her tight black bodysuit, nearly none of her gorgeous body was left to the imagination.

"Knock it off Zuin." Zahara chastised, giving her daughter an annoyed look before returning her gaze to her captain. "We...detected something heading towards the ship. It looked like a group of small fighters, but they disappeared when they got in range of our weapons."

"Disappeared? As in cloaking?" Hehra asked as she got out of bed and started to get dressed.

Zahara nodded. "It happened too quickly to see who they belonged to, but I'm sure they're still around."

"Fine, ready the crew for battle."

"I will captain." She replied, before turning to leave. She then realized that Zuin had started to taunt the couple by spreading two fingers into a V and making a licking motion, before being interrupted when Zahara grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the room.

"Who do you think it is?" Mihoko asked, equipping her green top and pants, before pulling her black hair back into a loose ponytail. She then strapped her sheathed katana to her waist.

"Could be the Irico gang, since we raided them last month. Or the Rewik clan. I mean, we did sell their women into slavery." Hehra replied, thinking.

Both of them left their bedroom, entering the main command center of the massive ship. Hehra sat down in the command chair, surrounded by screens. "Zahara? Any word?"

"Not yet." She replied through her communicator. "We-" she was cut off as The Chimera was rocked violently by explosions. "Captain! They've destroyed our main weapons!"

"Dammit..." she muttered to herself, switching one of the monitors to view a camera placed inside the ship's main hanger. "Gather a group and head to the hanger, they'll have to land there if they plan on boarding."

"I kind of wish Gursaw was still a part of the crew, he was useful with things like this." Mihoko said thoughtfully, standing next to her lover.

Hehra only rolled her eyes. "No point in wishing, he left. We are more than capable of dealing with this on our own."

On the screen, she viewed the small squad of fighters uncloak as they entered the hanger, landing. Ten ships in total, each one opened to produce their pilots. They all seemed to be some kind of cyborgs, except a man that appeared to be their leader. Wearing a black jumpsuit and wielding an energy sword, the man rushed towards Zahara's group of fighters, leaping into the air and slamming into one of her crew members, breaking the poor pirate's neck. He then slashed into another pirate, blaster bolts firing from his squad of cyborgs and hitting Zahara's group.

Both Hehra and Mihoko watched as the man held his own against the pirate group, slashing, dodging, and launching bursts of fire from his palms.

"What the hell...?" Hehra said to herself, witnessing the strange man's powers. He cut through Zahara's squad, before reaching her. The two women could only watch as their ally was knocked out.

"He...didn't kill her?" Mihoko observed.

The strange man led the cyborgs forward, marching down a corridor as one stayed back to pick up Zahara.

The door to the command center opened abruptly, and Zuin stumbled into the room. "They took my mom!"

"I'm aware." Hehra answered back, her voice containing prominent annoyance. She then turned to her lover. "You're up. Show these bastards what happens when they board MY ship."

For a split second, reluctance was clear on Mihoko's face, though she straightened up and unsheathed her katana. "I will, my love."

Hehra watched her leave the room to gather what remained of the crew. A feeling of worry crept into her mind, though she pushed it away.

The cameras followed the man as he marched down the corridor, making his way though the ship. Zuin looked closer, trying to make out who the man was. Suddenly, she straightened up as she gasped in surprise. "Oh my!"

"What?!" Hehra replied, looking closely at the monitor. "...Dorian?" Though she hadn't seen him in two entire years, her memory began to click as she recognized the strange man wreaking havoc inside her ship. For the first time in quite a while, she felt a hint of fear.

"How...?" Zuin began, clearly lost in thought.

On the monitor, they viewed Mihoko and a small group of pirates meet the cyborg squad. Blaster Fire erupted in the ship's corridors, as the two tiny armies engaged each other.

The man, who they now knew was Dorian, launched a barrage of ice shards at the pirates. Several fell to the ground, either injured or dead.

A cyborg collapsed to the floor after a well placed blastershot, only to be replaced by another.

It didn't take long until Mihoko was the only pirate to remain standing, as the cyborgs seemed unable, or perhaps unwilling, to shoot at her. Dorian gave a signal, and they backed up. He rushed forward, clearly planning to meet her with his blade. She defended herself, energy sword against katana.

Trading slashes back and forth, they both held their own against their opponent. Neither could gain the upper hand, until Dorian used his left hand to strike a well placed punch to her abs that sent Mihoko doubling over, only to have his hilt slammed down into the top of her head.

Hehra let out an involuntary exclamation as she watched her lover collapse to the ground, unconscious. However, her worry was lessened to a small extent when she saw Dorian command a cyber to carry the girl, rather than finishing her off. He clearly wanted to take them alive, though Hehra had no idea why.

The monitor showed the group proceed forward, with all opposition snuffed out. The only thing standing between Hehra and Dorian would be the thick bulkhead doors of the command center.

She watched the travel down the maze of corridors, slowly getting closer and closer to her location. Without any alternatives, she stood up from the command chair and unholstered her blaster.

"What're we going to do?" Zuin asked, lacking any type of weapon. "You're supposed to be the captain, come up with a plan!"

Hehra gritted her teeth, thinking quickly. A loud pounding began on the otherwise of the door, making them slightly jump in surprise. In desperation, she realized that there was only one possible way out of this.

"The hell are you-" Zuin began, as her captain wrapped her arm around her neck, pulling her close and aiming her blaster at her head.

"Sorry kid, you're his daughter. Nothing personal." Hehra replied, holding the younger woman hostage. Though Zuin had also betrayed him, Hehra hoped that his fatherly instincts would at least give her some leverage. It was literally the only option.

"You crazy bitch!" The girl yelled, struggling in the pirate's grip.

Like a ghost, the image of Dorian's hands appeared as he began to phase through the thick door, bending reality around him on a small scale. His head passed through, followed by his torso, and finally his legs as he fully entered the room.


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